What to Know Before Transitioning to A Plant-Based Diet

More people want to turn their lifestyle around by choosing healthier options, starting with what they eat on a daily basis. While a plant-based diet is becoming more popular than ever across the world, most are still hesitant to take a bite out of this latest trend due to the misconceptions surrounding it.

When people think of plant-based diets, it’s common to picture nothing but leafy greens and an expensive price tag to go along with it. While the term plant-based sounds exclusive to crops, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely get rid of meat on the table. So if you’re aiming to transition to a healthier regimen without fully committing to veganism, then the plant-based diet might be what you are looking for. But if you plan on getting rid of all animal products while fighting for the cause, then a vegan you are! Stick around through the end for a quick guide to a smooth transition.

Breaking Down the Basics of a Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

Contrary to popular belief, a plant-based diet isn’t the same as going vegan. Instead of completely cutting off any products from animals, a plant-based diet focuses on dishes made of the following:

  • Fruits (mangoes, apples, bananas, strawberries, kiwi, etc.)

  • Vegetables (peppers, corn, lettuce, spinach, kale, peas, collards, etc.)

  • Tubers (potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, parsnips, etc.)

  • Whole Grains (wheat cereal, quinoa, brown rice, millet, whole wheat, oats, barley, etc.)

  • Legumes (beans, lentils, pules, etc.)

These ingredients provide the best nutritional benefits, though it leaves room for red meat, poultry, and even dairy products. Of course, your old-time favourites would have to take the backseat of your priorities since a plant-based diet is all about putting nutrition-packed options first.

How Do You Stick to Your Plant-Based Diet Goals?

1. Start Slow to Build Your Habit

Starting a new habit is all about doing things consistently every day, but it’s only possible to stay on track if you set realistic goals. This means making small changes regularly can slowly yet surely build a new habit!

For example, you can begin your journey to a wholesome plant-based diet by eating greener dishes that are already your favourites! Whether it’s pasta primavera, jacket potatoes, oatmeal, stir-fry veggies, refried beans, or more, stick to the plant-based diet that you know and love for the first week until you’re ready to play around with fresher recipes.

2. Cut Down, Not Cut Off

Completely eliminating meat and processed foods on the first go is a recipe for disaster, one that will only increase your cravings and make it harder to stick to your diet goals. Instead of shocking your body, it’s best to simply limit your meat intake and gradually swap animal-based products for plant-based alternatives along the way.

The Bottom Line: Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet

Changing your habits is still a tricky task, especially when you’re used to indulging in processed foods and meats for the majority of your life. Still, there are simple ways you can do to make your transition a smooth-sailing experience. Starting slow and simple are the best ways to go in the right direction in your journey to a plant-based lifestyle!

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